Three Arrested on Identity Theft Charges in Wolcott: Police

NBC Connecticut

Three people are facing identity theft charges, including a homeless woman, who authorities said was allegedly sent into multiple Wells Fargo Banks and ordered to take out money.

On Wednesday around 11:30 a.m., Wolcott officers responded to Wells Fargo Bank located at 815 Wolcott Rd. on a report of a suspicious female going into the bank.

Authorities identified the 30-year-old woman as Deidre Gonzalez.

A suspicious black Honda Accord with Georgia registration plates that was associated with the woman was also reported.

This vehicle was also seen by officers parked across the street from the bank which was occupied by two 26-year-old men, Ricardo Reid and BijeanJohnson.

According to police, Gonzalez said that approximately two weeks ago, she was approached by both men whom she had never met before, asking if she wanted to make $1,000 a week. She agreed, police said.

Gonzalez told police they provided her with a fake California driver's license with her photograph under a different name and a Wells Fargo bank account pin number.

They then allegedly drove to a Wells Fargo in the area where she was instructed to go inside and withdraw almost $2,000 from the account as both men waited in the vehicle.

The woman told police the transaction failed when the bank teller asked for an account number and she returned to the car, where both men went onto a laptop and were able to pull up a bank account number.

They then went to another Wells Fargo in the area with the ID, pin number and the bank account number and attempted to withdraw the money.

This attempt failed due to insufficient funds, she told police.

They drove to the Wells Fargo in Wolcott with all the information and tried to take out the money again. Officials said she was almost about to complete the transaction when officers arrived inside the bank.

All three people are facing several charges including criminal attempt at larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny, forgery, identity theft and more.

They were held on $50,000 bonds.

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