Three Charged in Attempted Armored Truck Heist

On the afternoon of Sept. 27, police were called to the parking lot of Chilli’s at 81 Newtown Road in Danbury for an attempted robbery of an armored vehicle.

The person who attempted the robbery had been dressed as an employee of Garda, the armored truck company, witnesses told police.

Over the course of the investigation, police said they determined this was an inside job and that another similar incident had happened in Bridgeport. 

The crew working on the truck the day of the attempted robbery provided what police said was a very accurate description of one of the two perpetrators, as well as the vehicle used.

Investigators linked the suspect robbery to one in Bridgeport on Aug. 20 and said they found a close connection between the suspect and a Garda employee.

Then, they found a link to a second Garda employee who had knowledge of the route, including the stop at Chilli’s, police said.

Danbury Police Detectives, Bridgeport Police Detectives, the United States Marshals Service and Garda’s Internal Security Division all investigated and police issued several search and seizure warrants, including one on a residence at 1147 Pembroke St. in Bridgeport.

On Nov. 6, warrants were issued and on Friday morning, police went to three locations in Bridgeport and made three arrests.

Police arrested Brandon Jordan, 28, of Pembroke St. in Bridgeport, and Steven Wright, 28, of Forest Avenue in Fairfield. Both are employees at Garda, police said. Andre Williams, 28, of Bridgeport, was also arrested and bond was set at $200,000.        

Bond for Jordan was set at $250,000, while bond for Write and Williams was set at $200,000.

All three have been charged with conspiracy to commit larceny in the first degree, attempted larceny in the first degree and conspiracy to commit robbery in the second degree.

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