Three Suspicious Fires in Three Days in Enfield

After a barn burned to the ground Thursday morning, fire officials continue to investigate a string of "suspicious" fires in a neighborhood in the Hazardville section of Enfield.

Fire officials responded to a barn fire on Elm Street at about 2 a.m. on Thursday. No one was home and there were no injuries.

That was one of three fires that have broken out in the past three days and there was also another one at the corner of Elm Street and Martin Terrace in late August.. The Hazardville Fire District posted on Facebook that there have been "a number of arson fires" in the Elm Street area near Martin Terrace over the past couple years, mostly "small brush fires, shed fires, and storage builcings.

Fire officials said they don't know if the blazes in a 300-yard radius are connected  or set by the same person, but they are looking into the possibility that they were arson.

"As far as the fire department and police are concerned, it's just a matter of time if this individual or these individuals continue to get away with it, what’s next? That’s the fear," Mark Zarcaro, an Enfield fire spokesperson, said.

There was another fire across the street from the barn at a vacant home that was out by the time firefighters got there. But investigators found matches and other evidence that someone set the fire intentionally.

Flames also broke out around the corner at a home on Martin Terrace Tuesday.

Investigators have interviewed a person of interest, but no arrests have been made at this time.

Fire officials said that the arsonist(s) seem to be targeting vacant properties.

Police have stepped up patrols in the area.

Fire officials ask anyone with information to call the state arson tip line at 1-800-842-7766 (1-800-84A-RSON) or the fire marshal at 860-749-8114. There will be a reward for anyone who shares information on the tip line that leads to "the arrest and conviction of arson fires."

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