Ticket Service Fees Take Unionville Mom By Surprise

Brie Angle’s headache began because wanted to get a jump on buying her kids concert tickets to see Kidz Bop at the Oakdale Theater in June.

She went to Google and searched for Oakdale Theatre.

"I clicked on the first link that popped up which said Oakdale Theatre tickets. And I kind of quickly went through. They had a bunch of concerts and show listed for the spring," she said.

Angle thought she was buying the tickets directly from the Oakdale, so she picked her seats and checked out. She said she acknowledged the website’s no refunds and exchange policy without paying much attention to the total.

A few hours later, Angle noticed an $800 dollar charge in her email along with the seven tickets.

She noticed the value printed on the tickets was $55, while she had paid $87 each. That’s when she realized she hadn’t purchased the tickets directly through the Oakdale, but rather through a third-party seller, Online City Tickets.

Angle was charged a service fee of $24.54 per ticket, plus $6.95 to have the tickets emailed to her.

At first, she thought the company made a mistake, so she reached out to customer service.

"They told me that they are an online resell wholesaler and that the tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. And that there was nothing that they can do," she said.

Angle admitted to rushing through the checkout process. Frustrated, she asked NBC Connecticut Responds if there was anything we could do.

After a member of our Consumer Investigative Center reached out to Online City Tickets, Angle received a call from the company.

An agent told her the company would refund the service and delivery fees, a total of $192.73.

NBC Connecticut Responds also compared service fees among several sites.

Ticketmaster had the lowest, at $15.50 per ticket and free email delivery. StubHub’s service fee is $20.98 per ticket, with free email delivery. Vivid Seats charges a fee of $21.45 per ticket, along with a $6.95 delivery fee.

Next time, Angle says she’ll be more vigilant about what she’s buying.

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