Yale Students Start Campaign to Keep Gray Lady Free

"All the news that's fit to print" might not fit in at Yale University dining halls.

The pricey perk costs Yale roughly $50,000 a year, so Yale is considering cutting the 800 free copies of the New York Times delivered to the dining halls each day, according to the Yale Daily News

University President Richard Levin says he just raised a question and asked the student government to gauge student interest in the free copies of the paper. Now a group of students is protesting getting rid of the paper.

Levin told the Yale Daily News on Wednesday that he has not decided the fate of the newspapers. He's just trying to gauge the interest in the free copies.

“I only asked an innocent question,” he told the Daily News. “I didn’t threaten to stop anything.”

Levin asked for the student government to conduct the survey after the New York Times announced they were raising subscription rates last summer.

Two students took the request to heart and circulated a petition called "Keep The New York Times in Yale's Dining Halls," and 500 students signed the petition, the Daily News reports.

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