Big Papi. It's Time to Part Ways

As much as it pains me to say this,  I think it’s “last rites” time. 

Is there a fat lady in the house, because she’s on in two.

Excuse me, Could I use that last nail here for this coffin? Thanks.  What’s in it you ask? Oh just the Red Sox career of one David Ortiz.

That’s right, May 5, I am officially calling for the end of Big Papi as a member of the Boston Red Sox.  Believe this, admitting this hurts me a helluva a lot more than it hurts you.

Tuesday night was the final straw.  The player looks over-matched with little to no confidence. 

He no longer strikes fear into opposing hurlers. He is an automatic out in that line-up. This is a different situation than last year. The Sox had room to be patient. They were in first and feeling good. This year, they are in all-out chase mode. They just don’t have the room for useless baggage.

It’s not like they don’t have another option either.  Mike Lowell has found his stroke and prove that he is healthy. The Sox need to realize that he is the best option now against lefties and righties. Even when Mike Cameron and Jacoby  Ellsbury come back, Jeremy Hermedia is a good option as the left-handed DH. 

Trust me, this does not come easy for me to admit. No one has enjoyed the heroics of Big Papi more than me.  I will always remember the glory days of 2003 to 2008. Those six seasons that he and Manny had were historic. You can say what you want about PEDs, the two of them put up unreal numbers. 

The man had a flair for the dramatic. He had some of the biggest hits in Red Sox history. Now, he’s a 4-6-3 double play just waiting to happen.

We all knew this time has going to come someday. I’ve tried to wait as long as possible to call this, but the team can’t afford to wait much longer. I don’t envy the spot that Tito and Theo are in right now. How do you tell one of the cornerstones of your team that his services are no longer needed? 

Plus, what do you do with him? Release him? Don’t want to pay that salary and risk having another AL team pick him up so he can come back and bite you. Bury him on the bench? That’s a lot of dead weight and a potential clubhouse malcontent. Send him down? Can’t, he has to approve that and there is no way his ego will let him. DL him? That may be the best way. Save face and make up an injury like a bruised ego or dislocated talent.

All I ask of the fans is this: remember the good times. Let the man ride off into the sunset with a hint of dignity. The man is trying. No need to boo him on his effort. The skill set is just eroded. How can you boo old age? It’s just father time catching up with him. Show the man some love during his remaining tenure. If he fails in a big spot (I know, that’s a stretch) just sit on your hands. He knows what you think, trust me. He feels just as bad. 

Jason Hendry is a morning director at NBC Connecticut. He is an avid sports fan and a high school baseball coach. His blog can be found at

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