Times Square SUV Has Connection to Bridgeport

Getty Images

The attempted Times Square car bombing has put a Connecticut used car dealer in the public eye.

Tom Manis, who said he has been selling cars "all my life," owns Thomas Anthony Used Car Sales in Bridgeport.

A "Thomas Anthony" sticker on the tailgate of the Nissan Pathfinder discovered in Times Square -- loaded with propane, fertilizer and lit firecrackers – led police to this dealership in Connecticut. DMV records show the Pathfinders sold during the years that the dealership slapped that particular sticker on cars had been resold.

One reporter after another on Monday asked Manis to recount how police banged on his door at 6:45 a.m. on Sunday.

But, in a motorcade, Manis went to his dealership on Boston Avenue and found a couple of files for those vehicles, complete with copies of buyers' driver licenses.

"I hope, in the end they come up with a suspect," Manis said.

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