Bill Targets Cyberstalkers in CT

The victims of cyber stalkers are now pushing for legislation to make harassment on the internet illegal here in Connecticut.

"We go to sleep with this at night, we wake up in the middle of the night with this, we wake up every day, we worry about it every day," said one victim of cyber stalking, who wished to remain anonymous.

She and her husband have been cyber stalked for a decade with threats via the internet.

"There are websites about us, accusing us of many crimes we haven't committed, and we've actually received threats of physical injury and death threats, and it's a situation that anyone could find themselves in," said the woman's husband.

Not many can do much about it. The internet posts are there for the world to see. Anyone, even your employer, can log on and see websites full of lies. People have been fighting cyber stalking for years.

"The standard advice usually from legal authorities is to ignore it, and if you ignore it, it still continues in a large number of cases because a stalking profile is one where stalkers don't give up," said a third victim.

Right now there is no cyber stalking law on the books in Connecticut but a new bill wants to make the act illegal.

"Crimes are committed in various different ways as time goes on, through technology, and computers and the use of the internet. It's time we look to fix our statues to protect people," said Deputy House Speaker Linda Orange, D-Colchester.

The bill did pass unanimously in the Public Safety Committee and is now in front of the Judiciary Committee.

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