Tired of This Winter? Depends on Perspective

While some grow weary of winter's repeated punch others embrace the business opportunity created by it.

NBC Connecticut

After several rounds of snow, some people might be feeling fatigue right about now. Especially considering more is on the way Thursday.

Snow totals for the month of February have been much higher than normal in the Hartford area this year - there have been 17.3 inches in February alone.

That brings the season's total to 37.6 inches, which is about nine inches more than what the Hartford area normally gets by February 17.

Compared to the past couple years, this winter has been rough, and some wish it were over.

“It has been horrible,” said Migdalia Walker of Manchester. “Every other day we’re getting something. I just wish it would go away.”

Persistent, cold temperatures and multiple snow events have defined this winter. Now, people are once again bracing for another several inches of snow.

“Oh, that’s a lot of trouble,” said Kofi Jankm of East Hartford. “Thinking about it is hard.”

In advance of Thursday’s storm municipalities are preparing, including New London.

“We’ve had our rest and we’re ready for this one,” said New London Director of Public Works Brian Sear.

To keep staff fresh, New London’s DPW has staffed storm coverage, using personnel from various departments. That includes the parks department and solid waste staff.

“For us it’s a matter of staffing and figuring out who we need to pull from what departments to do a good response,” says Sear.

Still, despite the weather demand this year New London says it has only used 60% of its budget. Sear says the city ordered 2,000 tons of road salt for this season and says they’ve used only a little more than half.

“Knock on wood we can have some March storms and I have seen some late March storms that do give you a pretty good hit,” added Sear.

With storm after storm some might be longing for spring but not everyone. Digging out from multiple storms has put a strain on snow removal equipment and led to a boost for repair businesses.

Dan Leblanc, owner of River East Power Equipment in East Hartford, says this winter is helping his business make up for the light winters of the past two years.

“A lot of snow blower sales. A lot of services and parts sold,” said Leblanc, who says his business has doubled from last year.

Next door, Leblanc’s brother Paul runs an auto repair shop. It has also seen increased business during this rough winter.

“We’ve had quite a few accidents. People sliding, hitting the curbs,” added Paul Leblanc.

And it’s not just slick conditions leading to people to auto repair shops. The sustained cold temperatures have also taken a toll on people’s vehicles.

So, while many people are cursing this weather, you won’t hear the Leblanc brothers complain.

“You know we don’t get this every year so we’ll take it while we can, said Dan Leblanc.

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