Thea Digiammerino

Kids Playing Little League Tournament in Heat

Baseball is heating up in Bristol where a dozen teams are competing this week in the East Region Tournament. Officials said they are taking all the measures necessary to make sure the little league players are staying safe as temperatures soar into the 90s.

Rebecca Simon, whose son plays for Rhode Island, said they know what is involved when playing a summer sport and they always prepare for the heat.

”Be in the shade pretty much,” Simon explained. “A lot of water. A lot of just taking care of each other because if you run out of water and you want to get the kids water, everyone is just sharing what they have.”

Just over 150 young players are playing in two East Region tournaments. Officials said they kept up on the hot forecast and made preparations in advance. There is also a medical professional from Bristol Hospital at all the games.

”We have water coolers in the dugouts,” said Tyler Knopp, the assistant regional director with the Little League Eastern Region. “We actually provide DICK’s Sporting Goods buckets that they can fill with ice and put their Gatorade towels in there.”

In Southington, about a dozen kids took on the heat for their first day of beach volleyball camp Monday morning.

”We tell parents to bring extra, extra water, especially on days like this,” said Coach Marion Kish. “Sunscreen is a must. We have a little shade where we play and it’s just in the shade and water up.”

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