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Mount Southington Closes for the Season

Some people were out embracing winter, the cold, and some man-made snow. That's because Sunday was the last day of the season at Mount Southington. 

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Spring might be around the corner, but winter was top of mind at Mount Stonington, especially on the last day of the season. 

Despite a mild winter, the ski area tells us they were open for what they call a full season. Mount Southington opens in early December and typically ends in late March.  

“I feel pretty good, but also sad that the season ends. I had good memories here.” said a skier before getting on the chairlift. 

Five-year-old Mikaela Connolly and her family were at Mount Southington Sunday, getting their last runs in.  

“Ever since the season opened, we've been coming every Sunday, she loves skiing,” said Connolly’s mother. 

And her daughter is no stranger to the slopes.  

“She started when she was one and a half, and she loved it from the beginning,” she said. 

Mikaela isn’t alone. Russel Waldo has been skiing for a while as well. 

But unlike Mikaela, he didn’t start at age one. He started at 40. Today, he is 96 years old. 

"I've skied all over the world except Australia,” said Waldo. 

His age is another laudable accomplishment. Waldo proudly wears his '90+ Ski Club' patch on his jacket. 

"This is the only place I've skied this year and this is the first year that I've skied here,” said Waldo. 

Guest Services and marketing manager Brian McCloskey says while they would have liked more natural snow this year, the few cold snaps helped allowing them to stay open for a full season. 

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