Toddler Killed in Pit Bull Attack

As many as three pit bulls mauled the 20-month-old girl.

A 20-month-old girl was killed after being attacked by pit bulls in an apartment on Leete Street in West Haven on Friday night.

Neveah Bryant was visiting her aunt when she was attacked, West Haven police said.

Sgt. Angelo Moscato said a call came in around 6:13 p.m. reporting that a child had been bitten by a dog.

Neveah was unconscious when paramedics arrived at the scene and police said as many as three dogs were involved in the attack.

Neveah was pronounced dead at Yale-New Haven Hospital, according to police.

The New Haven Register spoke to the girl's aunt, who said the dogs had never been aggressive , however, a source familiar with the case said neighbors have told police that the dogs have shown aggression before.

Moscato said that the dogs had been put into another room while the girl was visiting but that they had somehow managed to get out. The investigation is ongoing to determine whether anyone else was present at the time of the attack.

The dogs have been euthanized due to the severity of the case.

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