Harp Wins Democratic Primary in New Haven

Toni Harp won the Democratic primary in the New Haven mayor's race on Tuesday night.

"We are taking no prisoners," she told a room full of supporters. "We are taking this city back for all of its people."

Harp defeated opponents Henry Fernandez , Alderman Justin Elicker and Hillhouse High School principal Kermit Carolina, who all conceded the election after it was evident Harp was the winner.

In the preliminary results, Harp received 49-percent of the votes. Elicker followed with 23-percent then Fernandez (18) and Carolina (8).

Harp, a state senator, was the party-endorsed candidate and was considered to be the favorite.

Elicker said he will run as an Independent.

Fernandez and Carolina both announced that they will not run in the general election.

Following her victory, Harp said she will be ready for the general election in November.

"It puts me in a very strong position," Harp said. "Once all of the votes are tallied. we're going to have well over 50 percent and I think we're going to take this home in November."

For the first time in two decades, the mayor’s seat in New Haven will be filled by someone other than John DeStefano, who decided not to run for re-election.

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