Tons of Steel Tie Up Traffic

A huge power generator was headed to the First Light power Company in Waterbury to help keep the lights on.

The equipment, hauled by 2 trucks, 16 men and a small support army made it's way down Route 10 in Cheshire onto Route 68 through Prospect and into Waterbury.  Police were positioned in front and behind it and cherry pickers cleared paths along the way by lifting traffic lights.

The actual piece being moved was 60 feet long but the trucks moving it were 274 feet long from end to end.  Because of its sheer size, the crew could only go two miles per hour.  It took crews six hours to move the turbin skit 12 miles.

Detours were set up and traffic was delayed for up to 20 minutes at several major intersections while the caravan made its way.

The haul was supposed to be spread out over two nights but official decided to get it done in one because of the possible snow flurries on Friday.

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