Top Google Searches During the Jan. 4 Blizzard

Computer and smartphone users took to web Thursday to ask questions of Google as the blizzard moved up the coast.

Google Trends put together a list of the most popular winter storm-related searches.  Questions ranged from how to dress for the "bomb cyclone winter storm" to "how to take pictures of snow" and "how to spend a snowstorm in an airport."

The top searched questions in Hartford during the winter storm:

1) Where to put generator during storm

2) Will there be a snowstorm in Hartford, CT?

3) How to prevent a cracked water pipe

Users also commonly asked "Is a Civic bad in snow?"

Statewide, the top searched questions were:

1) How much snow is CT getting?

2) What is a winter storm warning?

3) How to prepare for a winter storm

4) What makes a snowstorm a blizzard?

5) What to do if power goes out in a snowstorm?

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