Top State Leader Calls For Resignation of Eversource CEO

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A top state leader is calling for the resignation of Eversource CEO James Judge following the company's response to major power outages in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Isaias.

State Senator Norm Needleman, the senate chair of the Energy and Technology Committee, criticized Eversource's planning and response to the storm. And he believes the company needs to be held accountable.

“The buck stops at the top and epic failures like this along with strategic decision making that in my opinion has been terribly flawed needs to change. We pay the highest rates in the country and just look at the level of response that we get," Needleman said.

Eversource issued a statement in response to Needleman's call for accountability.

"We recognize the tremendous impact the storm and resulting outages have had on customers across the state. As with all storms, we will participate in an after-action review with regulators and community stakeholders to evaluate our approach to emergency response efforts and storm restoration. But today we’re focused on one thing – doing everything we can do to restore power to our customers," Eversource spokesperson Mitch Gross said.

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