Top US Doctor: Stop Buying Face Masks

The U.S. Surgeon General talked about the issue during a trip to Connecticut.

NBC Connecticut

Some stores in the state are reporting a run on hand sanitizers which follows a widespread shortage of face masks at local pharmacies.

“Everybody has been asking about masks but unfortunately nobody has masks in the area,” said Yehia Aryan, a pharmacist at The Medicine Shoppe in West Hartford.

“We tried to get it from different wholesalers that we deal with but nobody has any. So we really can’t get any for the time being.”

CVS officials said they working with suppliers to fill temporary shortages of certain products as quickly as possible.

During a tour of the Connecticut State Public Health Laboratory in Rocky Hill on Monday, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams had a message for those stocking up on masks amid coronavirus concerns.

“While there are things you can do protect yourself, there are things that can actually harm you and your community and going out and hoarding masks is one of those things,” Adams said.

Adams says a drop in mask supplies means there might not be enough for health care workers.

And in fact, an improperly worn mask can offer very little protection.

“Folks who aren’t comfortable wearing a mask will often touch their face more frequently and adjust the mask and can actually increase their risk of exposure to flu or coronavirus. So you might be harming yourself and putting yourself at increased risk by wearing a mask,” said Adams.

At The Medicine Shoppe, they have items that help you fight viral infections, as well as some hand sanitizers.

 “We still can get some. We don’t get the quantity that we want sometimes but we can get a few,” said Aryan.

Those products, along with basic steps, offer you the best protection.

“It’s really simple: wash your hands, cover your cough, clean your surfaces, stay away,” said Adams.

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