Torrington Moms Organize ‘Adopt a 2020 Senior' Program for Future High School, College Grads

Organizers wanted to find a creative and safe way to celebrate the Class of 2020 despite the coronavirus crisis.

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During these difficult circumstances, we’ve seen wonderful examples of Connecticut residents going out of their way to try and make others smile.

Two Torrington moms have started an initiative to do just that for high school and college seniors in our state.

“I needed to do something for somebody. I am home and I was like 'What do I know? I know kids, so let me try to help the senior class,'" said Kellie Bournique.

When she stumbled upon an “Adopt a Senior” Facebook group underway in New Mexico, she knew she had to start one in Connecticut.

“Connecticut needed this. My daughter needed this," she said.

“You realize you’re not going to get your senior prom. I’m not going to get my last softball season, like graduation is on hold. All of the fun senior things that happen at the end," said her daughter Chelsey Bournique, a senior now taking her CREC Academy of Science and Innovation classes online.

Here's how it works: a high school or college senior, parent or loved one posts a picture and a quick bio of the soon-to-be grad on the "Adopt a 2020 Senior CT" Facebook page.

Then a giving person can ask to "adopt them," essentially choosing to send them a little something to make them feel special.

Bournique teamed up with another Torrington mom, Dona Carr, to organize the initiative.

So far, they believe about 400 students have been made to feel special since the group started at the beginning of the month.

For example, Dona Carr's son, Bryon Carr, received a gift card to a local deli and a thoughtful card.

“It was from a past teacher that I used to have, used to help me out, so it was kind of nice to talk to them a little bit," the Oliver Wolcott senior said.

Chelsey Bournique received thing like a celebratory graduation lawn sign.

“When they put the sign out in the front of my yard I was like ‘Ohhh, I always wanted one of those.' It was just a nice bright moment,” she said. 

“You anticipate that big graduation day. He also earned his eagle, so trying to plan an eagle and graduation celebration. It’s hard on a lot of people," said Dona Carr.

The Torrington moms hope they can help more high school, college, or homeschooling seniors celebrate and that others will step up to send them a smile.

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