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Town of Vernon to Offer Free Mental Health Services For Residents

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The Town of Vernon is now offering free mental health services to residents suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Announced in a press release on Wednesday, the Vernon Town Council unanimously agreed to authorize Town Administrator Michael Purcaro to sign a contract to fund social services for the residents of Vernon to utilize.

Up to $69,000 will be paid from funds provided to the town from the federal government through the American Rescue Plan.

“Using funds from the American Rescue Plan to provide direct mental health services to Vernon residents is wholly appropriate. We have been focused throughout the pandemic on meeting community needs and mental health is part of our overall recovery plan,” said Mayor Dan Champagne in the release.

Vernon-based social services will offer counseling and other services for residents experiencing grief, loss, stress or anxiety due to the pandemic.

According to The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stress caused by the pandemic can cause feelings of fear, anger, and sadness, that can effect or worsen a variety of existing health conditions.

“For some people, the anxiety and stress they experienced during the pandemic will ease and they will return to the routines of work and visiting with friends and family,” said Town Administrator Michael Purcaro.

“Others will face new or worsening stressors. We cannot underestimate the disruption and difficulty so many have experienced through the pandemic. Our goal is for the social worker to help Vernon residents deal with those stressors in a positive and constructive way.”

Residents can learn more or sign up for services by calling 860-870-3661.

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