Town of Windsor Hosts 9/11 Walk of Light Remembrance Ceremony

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Twenty years later to the day, the town of Windsor found a way to pay tribute to the victims of 9/11 with their Walk of Light Remembrance Ceremony.

Nearly 3,000 bags surrounded the town green Saturday night, each bag representing a life lost that day.

"This is something that we need to remember we cannot forget," said Agnes Pier who lost a friend on September 11,2001.

Many town volunteers showed up before the lights began to shine bright on the lives lost.

"I feel very compelled to work with all of these people to bring this special remembrance so that everyone who's connected," said Enita Jubrey, who created the Walk of Light almost 20 years ago. "There's so many people connected in so many different ways know that we're here and that we care."

The showering of support came from not only community members but the town's first responders who showed up and draped an American flag from fire trucks across from the town hall.

On Saturday, it was about remembering all those who parished 20 years ago.

Pier shows up every year and says the remembrance is held in honor of the people who lost their life including her friend and the five people with Windsor ties.

"My friend Margaret was in one of the towers the day it happened and I remember having gone to her house for dinner some days before she lost her life," said Pier. "You have a massive town response to an event that's extremely emotional."

Maureen Donegan lost her brother that day, lives in Windsor and was the ceremony's guest speaker.

"How do we get through it, 20 years ago, family friends and communities, you know, thank god we are able to lean on people," said Donegan.

Donegan's prayer for the future for victims' families and the community is simple:

"We have to remember how much goodness there is and remember how many people there are who lost someone close to them," said Donegan. "We have to be able to encourage them to be hopefully moving forward cause we still have each other."

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