Town Worries about Killer Moving In

Town leaders in Old Saybrook said they're not taking any chances after a psychiatric hospital recommended releasing David Messenger, who killed his pregnant wife in 1998, and allowing him to live in Old Saybrook.

The town's Board of Selectmen has hired lawyers because, it says, it wants to protect Old Saybrook's residents, according to the Day of New London.

”I have concerns about my town and about the protection and safety of my residents,” First Selectman Michael Pace told the New London Day. 

Messenger was acquitted of the murder of Heather Ann Williamson Messenger by reason of mental disease or mental defect.  He's been committed to the Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown ever since.

But now the hospital says he's fit to be released on what they call a "temporary basis." It would allow Messenger to rent out a home in Old Saybrook and live in an unsupervised environment.  

The state Psychiatric Security Review Board will hold a hearing on the request May 1. 

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