Thea Digiammerino

Tractor-Trailer Slams Into Southington Building

A tractor-trailer slammed into a business on West Main Street in Southington Tuesday.

Fire officials tweeted a photo which showed a hole in the brick wall of Dean's Stove and Spa, with a pile of bricks on the truck’s trailer and on the ground. There is “obvious structural damage,” the fire department said.

Sean Michanczyk, whose family owns the business, said despite the dramatic damage, no one was hurt.

He described the crash, which happened in the delivery area of the business.

“We heard a really loud boom. We just kind of paused for a second wondering what it was and a few seconds later over the intercoms we were told to get outside as soon as we could.”

Michanczyk said the truck knocked out a main support beam and it will take several days to make repairs. They will have to close off the area and find a temporary location for deliveries, but Michanczyk said none of the showrooms were affected and they will be able to open for normal business tomorrow.

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