New Canaan

Trail Closed After Deer Assault Woman Walking in New Canaan


A hiking trail in New Canaan has closed for several days after two deer caused trouble for folks that were walking.

An animal control officer said two women were walking on the New Canaan Land Trust Trail and all of a sudden found themselves between two deer.

The deer panicked and tried jumping over them. The women were able to escape by jumping over a fence.

The officer said it's possible the deer were frantic because a fawn was nearby. The deer were eventually shooed away with an air horn.

A man walking on the same trail reported similar behavior from the pair.

Officials said a couple walking their dogs also encountered the deer. A fawn was seen in the bushes nearby. In this instance, one of the deer "went into fight instead of flight mode," got up on two legs and pummeled the woman with its two hooves.

The woman shielded her face and front by turning her back to the deer so it just attacked her back, according to the animal control officer. The couple didn't seek medical attention.

As a result of these deer interactions, the trail was shut down for about a week.

In a recent walk-through of the trail, the animal control officer said she didn't see the deer, and believes they may have moved out.

The nature center end of the trail has since reopened, but the Land Trust end remains closed at this time.

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