Tranquilizer Ends Bear's Day Out

The daylong outing for a bear in West Hartford ended with a drowsy 10-foot slide down a tree behind a house on Boulevard Monday.

The bear’s day out got people’s attention Monday morning when someone spotted it near Sedgewick Middle School.

Since bears do not belong at a middle school, officials set off on the animal’s trail.

Later, the bear, which is about 150 pounds and 3-years-old, was spotted in the area of Boulevard, a tree-lined street of upscale homes where one is more likely to see a designer dog than a bear.

Boulevard is not only a swanky residential area, but it also leads into the ever popular West Hartford Center, where business people and ladies who lunch, well have lunch and shop.

So, officials concerned about keeping the bear away from the center continued their pursuit.

The bear’s day out ended Wednesday afternoon in the back yard of 1689 Boulevard. The bear climbed up a tree and later slid back down after finding itself on the receiving end of a tranquilizer.  

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