Trash Truck Rolls Over in Norwalk

A tractor-trailer carting a full load of trash rolled over at the Interstate 95 northbound entrance ramp from East Avenue in Norwalk around 4:45 a.m. on Thursday morning.

The load City Carting was carrying spilled on the southern side of the ramps merging lane, according to the Norwalk Fire Department.

The truck driver suffered minor injuries and was transported to Norwalk Hospital.

Contractors from the carting company were called to load the trash into other trucks and to pump out the 200 gallons of diesel from the fuel tanks.

A representative from the state Department of Energy & Environmental Protection was called to supervise the off-loading of fuel before the truck could be up righted.

Parkway Auto and Nat’s towing was using wreckers to pull the truck from the East Avenue to assist the cleanup contractors before working to return the truck into an upright position.

State and Norwalk police were controlling traffic and investigating the cause of the crash.


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