Travelers Encouraged to Prepare for Traffic, Long Lines for Thanksgiving Travel

The Thanksgiving travel rush is already underway as thousands of people take to the roads and skies for the holiday.

Drivers should prepare for a ton of cars to be on the road this afternoon.

AAA said tonight's evening commute will be the worst time to travel because there will be evening commuters mixing with holiday travelers.

In some cities, AAA expects to see double or even triple the amount of traffic.

If you are planning to travel by plane or train, it will be the same.

Expect long lines at the airport and packed trains.

Amtrak has even added more Sunday trains. They said they are expecting a 99-percent increase over a typical Sunday.

“Keep a positive attitude in mind. Everyone is traveling, everyone is going through the same thing and they want to get somewhere right. So I think keeping all of that in mind is obviously the best way to stay friendly and have a pleasant travel experience," said Amtrak Spokesperson Jason Abrams.

State police will also be out in full force over the next few days.

Remember, it is the law to slow down and move over if there is a car parked in the shoulder of a highway. And don't forget to put your cell phone down while driving.

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