Travelers Flee Hurricane Dorian's Path

Families evacuating from Hurricane Dorian’s path have traveled as far north as Connecticut for safety.

“We got the alert that the Mayor said it’s time to evacuate in Zone A and B,” Alexandra Richter from Jacksonville Beach, Florida said. “We’re in Zone A, so we had to go.”

Richter lives in Florida with her daughter Aubrey.

“I just didn’t want to take the risk and stay there,” Richter said.

They caught a flight from Orlando to Bradley International Airport this morning, and will stay with Richter’s parents in Danbury until it’s safe to go back home.

“We haven’t been in any type of hurricane,” said Richter, “We were not ready for what Florida had for us.”

Others are returning early from a vacation cut short by the concerning forecast.

“We were just going to stay at a hotel there, but they kept saying it was moving in and the winds winds were going to be high,” said Diane Lanese from Waterbury.

Lanese and her husband‘s trip to Florida was supposed to be a celebration of their anniversary.

“The winds were about 115 where we were in Titusville—hurricane winds,” Lanese said, “We were actually gonna drive to South Carolina, but it headed there, so we decided to just try to find a flight back and just get to safety.”

With closed airports and canceled flights, tickets out of Hurricane Dorian’s path are in high demand.

"We tried to book other flights. Nothing was available unless you wanted to pay like $2,000 for a seat,” Marnie Darzone said.

Without the option to fly home to Pittsfield, Mass., Darzone decided to drive all the way back to Bradley International Airport from Orlando in her rental car.

“We left Friday and we got here today,” Darzone said.

After three days on the road, she can’t wait to get home.

“We still have an hour and a half drive home, so we have a little bit more of our journey to go.”

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