Travelers Insurance Employees Prepare for Hurricane Dorian

Travelers Insurance is preparing its claim professionals to respond to Hurricane Dorian using a state-of-the-art training facility that can simulate damage from different disasters.

The nerve center of Travelers Claim University is filled with insurance agents preparing for Hurricane Dorian. It’s headed right for Travelers Insurance’s customers along Florida’s space coast, where it’s expected to make landfall as a Category 4 storm.

“It’s a storm that we’ve been watching for several days,” said Don Florek, vice president of the Claim Response Team for the company.

The claim professionals, who may be mobilized as part of the insurance company’s response are watching the radar and the weather forecast as well as studying the path of the storm as it increases in strength.

“Based on that information, gives us a real good opportunity to anticipate how many of our claims professionals might need to respond,” said Florek.

At Travelers’ state-of-the-art training facility in Windsor, agents receive hands on lessons you won’t find in a textbook. This lab simulates the types of property damage that can occur in different disasters like fires and storms.

“It provides us an opportunity to train our property claim professionals on different types of structures, different types of loss they may encounter,” said Florek.

As the insurance company calculates how many boots they’ll need on the ground, it also knows technology will pay a role in their response. Drones can capture damage in areas that become inaccessible after a major event, like the latest storm to set its sights on Florida.

“Each of our property claim professionals will also have applications that allow them to take photos that digitize into 3 dimensional renderings of the properties for accurate measurements,” Florek explained.

He estimated that Travelers has logged 50,000 flights since it started using drones in 2016.

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