Travelers Returning Home After Holiday Weekend

All good things must come to an end.

The reality of that proverb really sinking in for travelers we spoke to at the Branford Interstate 95 southbound rest stop Sunday evening, especially after a couple of picture perfect beach days this 4th of July weekend.

“It’s hard. It was nice being at the beach, being home with family and now end of the vacation and a lot of traffic,” Nina Dubin said, traveling back to New York from Cape Cod.

“People are going back to New York, so we’re trying to get them to New Haven and it’s a little slower than we thought, but we’ll get there. It’s fine. No one is in a hurry. No one wants to go home really, but you have to. Monday comes quicker than you want,” Jen Fiano of Manchester said, who enjoyed a beach day in Old Lyme and was now taking a quick break before driving new friends to New Haven.

Traffic added to the irritation that it’s “back to reality” for many folks Monday.

“Getting off the Cape, it took us probably about two hours and pretty much been on and off traffic since,” Dubin said.

Some we spoke to could visibly use a vacation from their vacation.

“I’m from New York City. Queens. I don’t know where we are, but coming from Rhode Island. Spend the weekend and we’re in Rhode Island now. I don’t know where we are,” Eric Ji said. NBC Connecticut’s Caitlin Burchill reminded him he was now in Connecticut.

After celebrating the red, white and blue, travelers this evening are feeling rather blue.

“And you’ll head back to work tomorrow?” asked Burchill.

“Yeah, sadly. Sadly. The weekend is already gone. Over,” Ji said.

Also not helping the back to work blues, the forecast of a beautiful week ahead.

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