Travelers Showers Military Moms and Expectant Moms

Before the Traveler’s Championship tees off Thursday, the organizers of the event continued a special tradition by honoring 40 new or soon-to-be military moms in the community.

As rain showers accompanied the day for golfers practicing on the green, “Operation Shower” hosted a baby shower indoors on the tournament grounds to celebrate military moms with a local connection.

Similar to finding your feel of a golf course in the rain, Samantha McClam, a member of the US Navy, said becoming a mother has its surprises.

“Everything is new,” McClam said.

McClam is a new mother to 1-month-old Emmett. He’s the first child for her and husband, also an active serviceman.

McClam says she’s still learning how to balance life with a newborn.

“It’s crazy how, with so little sleep, you can still get up and be so wide awake with him,” McClam said. “There’s just so much love.”

The under-the-sea theme was fitting for the forecast, while this appreciation honored women who sometimes swim alone.

Operation Shower’s mission allows families to leave the stresses of deployment at home as they celebrate those whose sacrifices affect the entire community.

“You feel appreciated to be honest. It’s really nice,” Mali Rivera, an expectant mother said on the shower.

Some of these women have been pulling double duty while their partners serve our country.

“He should be deploying soon,” McClam said on her husband.

As separation and deployment dates loom in the background, these mothers were able to focus on the support of the Connecticut community while inside the First Tee building.

Like the game of golf, tournament organizers and sponsors showed these locals that just like a great caddy, the company has their backs for when it rains and pours.

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