Tree Crashes Onto West Hartford Home During Bomb Cyclone

Power crews were busy as Hartford County residents began damage cleanup Thursday.

It was a scary way for the Adamenko family of West Hartford to wake up.

“Sound asleep and then an incredibly long crashing noise,” said Rob Adamenko.

A large tree, a fixture in front of their house of 15 years, fell, trashing parts of their beloved Westland Avenue home around 2 a.m. Thursday.

Tree branches broke a downstairs window and destroyed their upstairs bathroom and then there’s a gaping hole in the roof.

Adamenko will have to rent a car to replace his damaged one to get to work and then focus on home repairs.

Despite the damage, he can see the sunshine even after a very rainy evening.

“That big branch fell like 10 feet in front of the bedroom so we got lucky.”

He’s expecting insurance to help with reconstruction, but told it could take months to complete.

Like many in Hartford County, the cleanup is just beginning.

The storm’s strong winds knocking down trees like dominoes in some parts of our state.

Thousands of people lost power.

“We were well prepared for this. Had crews in position and ready to go and they began starting to restore power as soon as conditions were safe enough to do so,” said Eversource spokesperson Tricia Modifica.

In Granby, school was canceled because of the power outages.

There were road closures in Simsbury for trees and lines down too.

“If you ever come across a line that is down, just assume it’s live and stay away from it. Call and report it to us. Report it to the authorities as well, so it can be addressed right away,” said Modifica.

Eversource tells us their crews are working 24-7 and they’re getting some outside support too, as Mother Nature’s wrath throughout the day continued to keep them busy.

“It’s too soon to tell just yet exactly when all the power will be restored because we are still in the midst of the storm essentially. The high winds today continues to cause damage and bring down trees and limbs on our line causing new outages,” said Modifica.

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