Tree Crashes Through Deck of Lebanon Home Amid Summer Storm

With heat and humidity bearing down on the state, powerful storms blew through eastern Connecticut on Monday, leaving damage in their wake.

Pauline Villardi came home to half her deck buried under tree limbs in Lebanon.

"It's crazy. The weather this year has been completely crazy," said Villardi. "What a mess. I could not believe the mess it had created. Half the deck is gone. The furniture on the deck was gone. It's just crashed right through it. Luckily nothing came through the house, so we felt lucky with that."

Villardi said her teenage son was home alone at the time and told her he heard tree limbs falling all around as he rushed outside to rescue their pets.

"My son called and said, 'Mom, it was over in 10 minutes,' so at that point I felt a little relief," said Villardi.

All across town, emergency crews blocked roads due to downed trees and wires. Neighbors said the storm came through fast and fierce.

"It's crazy, but that's New England. That's thunderstorms. That's pretty much expected on days like today that are hot and humid," said Lebanon resident Kristen Romans.

Many say they already know this weekend will center around picking up and repairing the damage Monday's storm left behind.

"My husband just said to us as we were sitting down to eat, 'Well, we know what we're doing this weekend: yard work!'" said Villardi.

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