Tree Falls on Car in Simsbury

A driver survived after a tree fell on a car in Simsbury Saturday afternoon during a day of high winds.

Simsbury firefighters responded to Canton Road to deal with a tree that fell across the roadway near Roswell Drive and on top of a car.

Neighbors told NBC Connecticut the driver didn't appear to be seriously hurt.

The incident was just one of the problems caused by the wind Saturday.

"“It was very windy conditions. We were actually outside watching the trees and then we just heard the bang," Tammy Osden, of Simsbury, said. “....It almost sounded like something like a gunshot went off. It was very loud.”

Neighbors heard the tree fall and hit a passing car on Canton Road.

“The car was smashed in. The kid was already out of it in the ambulance," Judd Girard, of Simsbury, said. "“The tree actually hit the front end and I guess he was driving and it rolled over it. I guess it sprung on the power lines.”

While neighbors said the driver had cuts, they say it was lucky he was not more seriously hurt.
This was not the only place in the state crews had to race to respond to damage after wind gusts of up to 45 miles an hour.

Firefighters advised motorists to be cautious in that area throughout the day.

In Manchester, a viewer snapped a picture of his backyard where a tree came down on his shed.

And in Southington, another big tree was no match for the high winds. It came down on a house and cars.

“There’s going to obviously be some cracking and some rotten decay in some mature trees and at some point they just cannot stay up with these winds that we have today," Richard Ferreira, owner of Passion for Trees, said.

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