Tree Falls on Hamden Police Cruiser

A Hamden police officer is recovering after a tree fell on the cruiser. 

A Facebook post from Hamden police said the tree fell on the police cruiser as the officer was driving on New Road, near Quinnipiac University, Thursday. The area has severe damage after the storms last week. 

The officer suffered minor injuries from glass after the windshield shattered, according to police. 

“It could have been much worse and we’re thankful that it wasn’t. Never like to see anyone get hurt and we obviously send our best wishes for a quick recovery,” Hamden Mayor Curt Leng, said. 

On Thursday night, crews were repairing the lines on New Road. 

Mayor Leng said several trees have fallen in the days since the storms battered sections of town. 

While no one was hurt in the other cases, Thursday’s incident serves as a reminder to be careful out and be aware of branches or trees that could still come down. 

“People that live in the area should double check and keep an eye on limbs that might be broken, that might look like they’re gonna fall and trees that might be a little tilted,” Leng said. 

Because of the potential danger, the mayor is asking people to stay away from devastated areas for their own safety and to allow crews to work more quickly. 

The mayor is also alerting people who have generators to make sure they were inspected and don’t accidentally energize lines.

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