Manchester Family Escapes Injury When Tree Crashes Through Roof

A Manchester family narrowly avoided injury after strong winds toppled a tree on the property on Wednesday evening, severing the trunk and sending it smashing through a second-story room.

Footage from the scene shows a gaping hole in the roof of the two-story home at 71 Delmont Street. The homeowner said children usually play in the damaged room, but in a move that saved their lives, they decided to stay downstairs and play video games.

"Normally my nephew would be up in that room and he was downstairs, so we're just so thankful for that," said homeowner Wendy Silver. "All that matters is everyone is just fine."

Firefighters were called to the property around 5:15 p.m. and crews cordoned off the home, which is uninhabitable.

The tree is one of several to come down during the storm Wednesday evening, cutting power to thousands of homes around the state.

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