Tree Lands on House Soon After Residents Moved Out

A huge tree came down on a historic home in Watertown as powerful storms moved through Connecticut and the owners are just thankful no one was home.

The house on Main Street, which was built in 1919, has been on the market and the closing was supposed to happen this week.

Heidi Capodanno, one of the current owners, said they had just moved out of the house over the weekend, so no one was staying there when the tree came down, damaging the side porch.

Her family lived in the house for about 12 years and they had renovated it before putting it up for sale.

Capodanno said she and her husband are also grateful the new homeowners had not moved in yet.

The Capodannos have contacted their insurance company and will go on from there.

“I’m hoping it’s covered and we’ll just finish the porches, so the new owner will have beautiful new porches,” she said.

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