Tree Falls Into South Windsor Home Injuring Pregnant Woman

A pregnant woman was injured after a tree came down in South Windsor during heavy rainstorms.

Ryan Sullivan was sleeping with his pregnant wife when a large tree branch came crashing down into his bedroom around 1 a.m. on Monday on Birch Hill Road. 

Sullivan said his wife woke up and was worried about the winds. He said it was going to be fine and tried calming her down.

That's when he said he heard strong gusts before he heard a loud bang. 

"I thought it was like a dream," Sullivan told NBC Connecticut. "I woke up to her basically screaming and I tried to move the tree. I couldn't move the tree."

Sullivan said his wife was pinned down on the left side of the bed but she was able to "squirm" out. 

The couple went to the hospital but the woman only sustained minor cuts and some stitches on her cheekbone. Their baby boy is doing fine as well.

Sullivan said now their focus is on the cleanup. 

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