Hurricane Gert – Where's it Going?

Gert became the second hurricane of the 2017 Atlantic tropical season shortly before 11 p.m. on Monday. It is expected to pass well south and east of New England later this week.

Tropical Track 12

While there won't be any direct impact from Gert there is the potential for powerful swells and rip currents at the ocean beaches as close as Watch Hill. 


The long period swells from Gert will move north from the storm and impact Rhode Island beaches as early as Tuesday night. Peak swell of nearly 6 feet will arrive on Wednesday. While waves of this height aren't unusual when a hurricane passes offshore Wednesday is likely to be a very busy beach day and dangerous rip currents will be widespread. This is great news for surfers but swimmers will have to be very careful on Wednesday.

Beyond Gert the tropics look like they will remain very active. A combination of factors will favor development of tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean through the next 10 days. This plot from Mike Ventrice of The Weather Company shows the likely track of the next disturbance churning off the coast of Africa. This storm would have the potential to impact the Caribbean and maybe eventually the United States. It's name will likely be Henry. 

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