Beer Truck Catches Fire After Crash on I-95 North in Stratford

Fire on Interstate 95 North in Stratford
State Department of Transportation

Interstate 95 North was closed in Stratford on Wednesday morning after two tractor-trailers were involved in a crash. Fire officials said one truck was leaking diesel fuel and the cab of the other truck, which was hauling beer, was on fire.

When firefighters responded to the highway, near exit 32, around 6.37 a.m. they found one tractor-trailer in the breakdown lane with a ruptured saddle tank that was leaking diesel fuel, according to the fire department.

The beer truck was around 75 yards away and the cab was on fire.

The fire was under control in around 20 minute and the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection responded.

No one was injured, according to the fire department.

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