Trumbull Police Issue Bear Warning

NBC Connecticut

Trumbull police are warning residents to be on the lookout for bears after multiple sightings Friday.

Police said they received several reports of a bear getting into garbage and bird feeds in the neighborhoods on Barnswallow Drive, Scenic Hill Road and Deer Run Friday morning. Some reported the bear tried to get into homes.

One resident had to haze, or scare off, the bear when it approached them while cooking on their deck.

No one was injured in any of the incidents, and no one reported seeing cubs with the animal. The bear was last seen on Purdy Hill Road in Monroe.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has been notified.

Bears are drawn to food and can grow accustomed to humans and pets. To prevent this, experts suggest taking down bird feeders from late March through November, and bringing any pet food inside overnight. Trash should be kept in a container with a tight lid and stored in a garage or shed until pickup day. A small amount of ammonia poured over the trash bags can disguise the smell of food.

Bears should never be approached or intentionally fed. If you encounter a bear, keep your distance, walk away or haze it away by raising your arms and shouting.

Visit the DEEP's website for more information on bears.

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