Trumbull Woman Rescues Child That Was Drowning in Community Pool

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A Trumbull woman's quick actions saved the life of a child after she went underwater in a community pool on Thursday.

Police said a local woman pulled the girl from a community pool at the Ten Apartments on Oakview Drive at about 6 p.m.

A bystander that was at the pool saw what was happened and immediately stepped in to help the unconscious child by doing CPR. Officials said the girl coughed up water and regained consciousness a short time later.

The five-year-old was swimming with her mom and another child in the pool when the mother turned away for a moment to help the other child, according to authorities.

The child ended up in the deep end of the pool, where she became limp and was face down in the water, officials said. The mother got her child out of the water and called 911 while the bystander resuscitated her.

Emergency personnel responded and found the child conscious, alert and breathing. She was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation and is expected to make a full recovery.

Below are some water safety tips provided by police:

  • Never swim alone. This includes adults.
  • Learn to swim. Starting as young as six months old, and adults as well.
  • Learn to save lives. Parents should learn first aid and CPR, and always keep a phone ready in case of emergencies.
  • Look out for others. Immediately call for help when someone is in trouble.
  • Have a life jacket. Use Coast Guard-approved life jackets when near the water. Never depend on inflatable floats and toys.
  • Make sure the water is safe. Check to see if the water is clear, and that there is someone responsible to watch, such as lifeguard(s), or other responsible adults.
  • Check the pool. Make sure the pool has a secure fence, working gate and a weight-bearing pool cover to prevent children from falling in.
  • "Reach and Throw – Don’t Go!" Never try to save anyone by jumping in yourself. Throw them something that floats, or use a pole to reach them.
  • Never dive in shallow water. Check for markings to determine the water depth. Do not dive if the depth is unknown.
  • Obey all pool and water safety rules.

Police are also advising people to remain alert and observant around any body of water, especially when children are swimming.

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