Trump and Clinton Lead in New Quinnipiac University Poll

Donald Trump is in the lead among the Republican presidential candidates and Hillary Clinton is in the lead among the Democratic candidates, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released this morning in advance of next week's primary.

Trump is close to the 50 percent mark among Connecticut likely Republican primary voters, while Ohio Gov. John Kasich tops Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in the race for second place, according to Quinnipiac University.

A 66-25 percent lead among black likely Democratic primary voters and a wide margin among female Democrats propel former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to a 51-42 percent lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the Quinnipiac University Poll finds. Another 6 percent remain undecided and 18 percent of those who name a candidate said they might change their mind, the poll says.

Likely Republican primary voters give Trump 48 percent, with 28 percent for Kasich and 19 percent for Cruz. Only 5 percent are undecided, but 25 percent of those who name a candidate said they might change their mind before the April 26 primary, pollsters found.

By 59-33 percent, Connecticut Republicans want an outsider for president, rather than someone experienced in politics. Among those who want an outsider, 75 percent back Trump.

"Connecticut Republicans have gone for outsider candidates such as Linda McMahon and Tom Foley. They continue that trend with Donald Trump," Quinnipiac University Poll Director Douglas Schwartz said in a statement. "The conventional wisdom that Sen. Cruz is too conservative for Connecticut looks true, as he comes in a distant third in the Republican primary. Kasich clearly is outpacing Cruz for second, but running well behind Trump.

"Secretary Hillary Clinton wins on all the most important issues to voters, except for income inequality. Sen. Bernie Sanders wins on honesty, values, and empathy. But Clinton wins by bigger margins on leadership, electability, and experience," Schwartz said.

A total of 56 percent of Republicans have a strongly favorable or somewhat favorable opinion of Trump, with 37 percent somewhat or strongly unfavorable. Kasich gets a 58-18 percent favorability rating with Cruz at a negative 38 - 45 percent score.

There are wide gender and racial gaps among likely Democratic primary voters as women back Clinton 55-38 percent while men are divided, with 50 percent for Sanders and 45 percent for Clinton. White voters are divided with 49 percent for Clinton and 47 percent for Sanders, while black voters back Clinton 66-25 percent, according to Quinnipiac.

Quinnipiac University conducted the poll from April 12 to 18, surveying 823 Connecticut likely Republican primary voters and 1,037 likely Democratic primary voters. Live interviewers call land lines and cell phones.

The Connecticut presidential primary is on Tuesday, April 26.

Take a look at the entire poll here.

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