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Trump Boat Parade Meets Opposition in Mystic

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Presidential politics heated up in Mystic and made for quite a day by the river and out on the water.

Boats decorated in Trump signs and flags filled the mouth of the Mystic River.

The Facebook group Connecticut Boaters for Trump planned what it called a Trump Boat Flotilla that went from Ram Island and traveled over to the railroad bridge.

The U.S. Coast Guard says there were more than 800 boats involved.

The Coast Guard had crews in the area making sure everyone was safe and no issues were reported.

The event was met by a group of protesters onshore who pushed back against the purpose of the parade and staging it in Mystic. Some of the demonstrators held signs in support of former Vice President Joe Biden.

We spoke with people on both sides about why the wanted to come out.

“Some friends told me they were having a support for Trump and we need to support our president,” said Jeffrey Gladu of Chicopee, Mass.

“I wish people who organize these kinds of events would do it in their own towns and not in ours,” said Bailey Pryor of Mystic.

Similar boat parades have taken place in other states.

No polling in Connecticut for the presidential race has been released recently. Back in May, a Quinnipiac poll found Biden with a more than 20-point lead in the state.

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