Trump Cost to the City of Hartford

The City of Hartford expects to spend $50,000 on security and traffic control for the Donald Trump event. Officials say the Convention Center and secret service will cover any security costs inside the rally, but the city is on the hook to pay for anything on the exterior of the building, like protester security and traffic control.

“I’m a little shocked. I don’t have any understanding of why he’s not incurring that fee to come here if that’s what he wants to do," said Hartford resident Debra St. Germain.

The idea that the city of Hartford has to pay for anything to do with the billionaire’s visit is not sitting well with some Hartford residents.

“As a teacher who just told that her position is being cut next year, I’d like that money to stay here," Germain added.

It’s a cost Hartford’s mayor says the city can’t afford. He also admits it’s a burden the city will shoulder for any candidate that decides to campaign in Hartford.

“We’re a city that’s in severe budget crisis, we have less than no money and every dollar that we have to spend is a dollar that we miss. We have a responsibility as a city to make sure that we are preparing to keep our residents safe and to keep things calm and peaceful," said Bronin.

The city’s police, fire, and public works are all involved in keeping the event running smoothly and securely.

“You’re going to see a big security footprint down here be it from the police department, secret service, you’re going to see K-9s working the area, that includes the parking garage and the event as well," said Hartford Police Deputy Chief Brian Foley.

The bulk of the expenses, $40,000 to 45,000 will be covered by the police department’s $400,000 special events budget.

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