Trump Has Won States Similar to Connecticut

So far, Donald Trump has won 15 states during the primary season, far outpacing his remaining competitors.

“Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd unearthed a statistic over the weekend that ties together nine of his victories, which have come in states that all share the same characteristics in two categories: unemployment and the rate of African Americans who live in those states.

In all nine contests where the states had unemployment above the national average of 5 percent, and where the number of African Americans was at least 8 percent, Trump won.

There are four states left with such patterns and three of those states, North Carolina, Illinois, and Florida, are voting today.

The final state with such traits is Connecticut.

On the issue of the economy and unemployment, Connecticut GOP Chairman JR Romano said one of the reasons turnout has been high for the GOP for all candidates has been that voters identify better economic progress with people like Trump and the Republican Party.

“Quite frankly, I think this is the year that the average citizen is more engaged in the process because of how poorly so many people are struggling in Connecticut and across the country and this presidential election is going to have an impact on that," Romano said.

He added that voters aren't looking for anything particularly special, just what most Americans want.

"They want to go back to work. They want to be able to feed their family and they don’t want to have to worry anymore that they’re going to be foreclosed on,” he said.

Since Connecticut's Presidential Primary isn't until April 26, it is possible the race could have a different look by then.

By that time, there might be only two contenders left for the GOP nomination.

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