Twins Lack Identical Stories on Sex Act

Police have received conflicting statements about what went on the night an Orange police officer allegedly posed as his identical twin to dupe a woman into sex, according to the New Haven Register.

On July 19, Jared Rohrig, a 25-year-old probationary officer with the Orange Police Department, allegedly pretended to be his brother, Joseph, to have sex with a woman Joseph was involved with.

The woman realized during sex that Jared wasn't Joseph because he didn't have a cowboy tattoo on his buttocks. When the woman tried to get Jared to stop, he forced himself on her against her will, according to court documents.

When Joseph Rohrig was interviewed by police after the alleged assault, he said that when he arrived that night, he told his brother Jared he was tired and going to bed, the Register reports. Joseph also told police that he allowed Jared to hang out with the woman, but to tell her that he was upstairs, according to the arrest warrant obtained by the Register

Jared, however, did not state the same sequence of events and couldn't explain why his brother would just leave when he knew a guest who came to see him arrived, according to police detectives. 

Based on those facts, “It appeared to me that Jared Rohrig was not being completely truthful during the interview,” the detective said in the arrest warrant.

During a ride home after the alleged assault, the Register reports, Jared could not find the woman's home. Joseph, however, had been there several times. Jared Rohrig eventually told the woman it was a misunderstanding, according to the arrest warrant.

Rohrig is charged with first-degree sexual assault and criminal impersonation and has been placed on paid administrative leave by the Orange Police Department.  He is free on $50,000 bail and due in court Sept. 8. 

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