Two Dogs Found Forever Home After Years of Shelter Life

After several years of waiting at a Groton shelter to be adopted, two dogs finally found their forever home after being featured during last year's Clear the Shelters event.

The story about Rupert and Reginy aired on NBC Connecticut in August 2017. The energetic pair of dogs, able to jump an eight-foot fence, had been living at a rescue foundation in Groton for four years.

The Burton family said the story caught their rescue dog’s eye first.

“Our other dog, Brady, actually kind of noticed them on TV initially - which is not something he normally does,” said Kevin Burton.

“We just kind of joked about it, saying Brady must want some friends and I thought we were joking about it until Kevin told me a couple weeks later 'by the way I called about the dogs,'” Amy Burton said.

There had still been no interest from the public in adopting the pups. So after some research, the Burtons decided to adopt the pair. The doggy duo fit right in with Brady and the family.

“It's really like who rescued who on this,” Amy said.

“These two definitely show you the love no matter what's going on. So no matter what is happening, they tend to be right there for you,” Kevin said.

In January, their dog, Brady, got sick and suddenly passed away. The Burtons said it was a difficult time and it helped the family having Rupert and Reginy.

“After we had Brady for ten years and such a heartbreak to the family, it definitely didn't replace him by any means, but it made it a lot easier,” Amy said.

“I just felt like you can't leave those pets in the shelter that long,” Kevin said.

Years of waiting, worth it in the end and a welcome home that rescued the Burton family.

“It definitely helped Rupert and Reginy, but it also helped us,” Amy said.

On August 18, NBC Connecticut and Telemundo Connecticut are teaming up with the Connecticut Humane Society and dozens of animal organizations for this year's Clear the Shelters event. Many shelters will offer reduced fees for adoption. Hundreds of pets will be available for adoption. Last year in Connecticut, more than 1,100 pets found their forever homes during Clear the Shelters. Click here for more information.

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