Two Hell's Kitchen Chefs Cooking Together

Van is joining Kevin at the Country Club of Farmington

Watch out Connecticut! A spicy Texan has joined our hometown Hell’s Kitchen chef at a prestigious country club.

Van Hurd, the fish cook from Georgia and Texas who added some intensity to Hell’s Kitchen, has moved north and joined HK runner-up Kevin Cottle at the Country Club of Farmington. Cottle, of Middletown, has been executive chef there since April 2007.

The two chefs were roommates on the show and Hurd was Cottle’s rock during the finale, so they should be a good mix in the kitchen.

“I am always searching for talented people, regardless of the show. He was my teammate, and I relied on him 90 percent of the way. It was just fate that when it was all over, there was a place for him here. The timing worked out perfectly,” Cottle told the Hartford Courant

Hurd told the Courant he’s gotten some calls for jobs, but the best offer came from here.

“I appreciate him giving me a chance, and I will take the ball and run with it. He's the executive chef. He should have won the damn show,” Hurd said.

What can we expect from this duo? Some great meals and an interesting kitchen. On the show, Cottle was the calm, self-assured go-to guy. Van, well, you never knew what he was going to do or say, but he sure can cook. 

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