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Two Injured in Workplace Shooting in South Windsor: Police

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Two men were injured during a workplace shooting in South Windsor on Tuesday morning and the suspect has been arrested after fleeing the scene, police said.

A man called 911 at 8:43 a.m. and told police he'd been shot in the parking lot of a complex at 105 Edwin Road around 8:43 a.m., police said. Another male victim was also injured, police said, and both have since been released from Hartford Hospital

Authorities said they believe there was an argument in the parking lot of the business before a weapon was pulled and the shooting happened.

Police said the original caller reported one man had been shot, but it was later determined a second man was also injured.

Officers originally said both men were shot and later clarified to say they do not believe the second man was shot and he was instead hit by shrapnel or fragments.

Investigators said the man who was shot was likely targeted. Both the suspect and the man who was shot are employees at the business, authorities added.

Massachusetts State Police identified the suspect as 33-year-old Alan Rosario of Springfield, Mass.

Shakah Oakes, a diesel mechanic at K2 Logistics where the shooting occurred, said one of the victims was Rosario's manager.

" know the two had tension. They did fight a lot but I didn't think it would go to this point," he told NBC Connecticut.

Oakes said he did not witness the incident but spoke with his manager on the phone, who he said explained to him what happened. According to Oakes, Rosario was a truck driver who wasn't happy with his assigned vehicle.

"What really all happened is because he didn't want to take the truck that he wanted him to take and he said no you're taking this truck! He didn't like it and got mad," Oakes said.

According to police, before they arrived at the scene, Rosario fled and his description and direction of travel was broadcast. Authorities believed he was heading back to Massachusetts, where he is from.

Enfield police set themselves up off of Interstate 91 North and worked with Massachusetts State Police to conduct a felony traffic stop, police said. A handgun was recovered in the vehicle, they added.

Rosario was arrested by Massachusetts State Police and is being held in the Springfield barracks, authorities said. He will be held as a fugitive from justice before he will face charges in connection to the shooting, South Windsor police said.

The suspect will have a hearing in Massachusetts today, according to South Windsor police, and he is expected to appear in court in Connecticut today or Thursday.

The investigation is ongoing.

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