Two Sheehan Seniors Excel on Football Field a Year After Serious Car Crash

Jordan Davis is having an amazing senior season for the Sheehan Titans.

“Being out here is a blessing,” said Davis.

But scoring touchdowns was the least of his worries last March. Davis and his teammate Tre Childers were involved in a serious single car accident.

“Me and Jordan were coming from a spring football meeting and we’re just driving down Highland Ave. and have a good time and that was the last thing I remember,” said Childers.

“I lost control of the car and side swiped a tree,” added Davis. “It was really gruesome.”

“I had a traumatic brain injury, partial paralysis on my left side, collapsed lung, orbital eye socket fracture,” said Childers.

Both were lucky to be alive and so began a long journey to try and heal.

“They would bend my knee and it would kill,” said Davis. “They did that for a good amount of time and then I’d go into leg strengthening.”

“I was doing occupational, physical and speech therapy,” added Childers.

They rehabbed for months, motivated by a return to normalcy.

“Being one of the guys again, just getting back and being with my friends,” said Childers.

“I guess I benefited because it made me a harder worker than I was before,” said Davis.

The community rallied behind both Davis and Childers. They both have older brothers who came through the football program.

“Bringing food to the house, donating, visiting,” said Childers.

“I didn’t notice how tight and close the community was until that happened,” said Davis.

“God bless them both that they're both here, healthy and competing and contributing to the team and playing at a high level, it is awesome,” said Sheehan football head coach John Ferrazzi. “It's special for them and their families and our program and this entire community.”

The accident put everything in perspective.

“I got a second chance at what I do,” said Davis. “Everything could have been taken away in that one moment.”

“Don’t take life for granted,” added Childers. “Just live it everyday.”

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